Christmas is still several months away, but it wouldn’t hurt if you started shopping or at least planning for Christmas gifts for the special people in your life. Foremost on your list should be family, of course. If you’re a young student and you want to give your parents something fun and special, here’s a tip: start saving now. Look for ways to earn money so you’ll have something to add to the lunch money you’ve been saving. Then, once you have saved enough, you can start planning for gifts.


What can you give to the most special man in your life, your dad, on a special occasion like Christmas? Giving gifts during Christmas is a tradition and, like a cycle, will come every year. That should not diminish the meaning of the tradition though. The choices of Christmas gifts for dad must always be stamped with thoughtfulness.


The best Christmas gifts for dad need not be expensive but thoughtful of what he likes best. It can be something he can use in his pursuits of special interests. A brand new laptop could be a good idea if his work entails a lot computer use. An out of the country tourist package is also nice especially if he can travel with your mom. That would be shooting two birds with one stone. If he likes traveling, you can also gift him good camera to allow him to build a memorabilia of his travels.


However, if you can’t afford such extravagant gifts, go for less expensive items. . For instance, if your dad loves going for a walk after dinner, you could get him, and yourself, a self-balancing scooter you can use for fun rides. You could check the Internet for expert reviews and opinions on the best self-balancing scooters. A second hand laptop with better features than the one he is currently using will definitely be appreciated. An accommodation in a nearby resort which offers some relaxation and some outdoor attractions can take the place of some out of the country trips. With your mom in tow, that will still be one expense for the price of one. A digital camera to make and record memories will be a good addition.


If these are still beyond your budget, find him a nice shirt, tie or some accessories he can use at work or at play. You can also take him out and spend an afternoon with him doing all the things you used to do together but you must pay for it instead. Buy him a cone of ice cream he used to buy for you or a hotdog in the stand near the park.


Paternal love is as enduring and fathers are as special. In a father’s eye, whatever Christmas gifts for dads you may prepare for him would always be priceless.